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Yasin CelikWhat a World,
What a Century !

by: Yasin Celik

Time is a relative term. The theory of relativity is also still being debated, so where are we?

Fear, life, death, love and many other drivers of existence surrounds us and they -in definition - all differ from one to another person, mind, nation, culture or else...
So what is real ?
Which one is true? Who is correct? Light of Wisdom
Will time travel be possible, or
Are we already continuously doing it?

In short, time is one of the main subjects which I am philosophically interested in. In my opinion moving forward (or travelling both ways - which is debateble) in time is unavoidable. Travelling willingly on timeline, or in time should be technically possible. I think, it is just a matter of layer ( passage ) that will allow it happen instantly..
But beyond that, there are a lot more questions to ask about life.. !

Keep asking !

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Biography: Yasin Celik

Yasin Celik just completed his 6 month assingment in Philippines (Sep 2011). He worked for IBM ® and managed internal projects for Global Process Services of IBM ®. He specifically worked on Contunious Improvement Projects and Six Sigma projects for the HR Tower of GPS' awarded Manila Delivery Center (Fastest Growing BPO 2011) in Philippines.

Yasin Celik (1981, Izmir ) has studied Economics at Bogazici University, Istanbul. In 2005, he got accepted to Cambridge College's Gradudate Master's of Management program. During his studies he wrote "A Guide to: A Consultant" as thesis which analyzes the available efficient decision making tools for perfectionist consultants. In 2006, in addition to his professional career, as an entrepreneur, he started his company Gelisim Ofisi Danismanlik®. Served to several companies and worked on their branding, Internet marketing, and strategic planning business problems. As a Master's graduate, Celik worked on several short term projects, including: MIT, as SAO Finance Officer ; Harmonix, an MTV®, Viacom company, as Junior Business Consultant (the "Rock Band® 2" project).

In 2009, for PMI Certification, Celik joined Northeastern University and with Honor's he transferred to PMI accredited Master's Degree program of Northeastern University and will be graduating in late 2011. Currently he is also holding "International Business & Strategy Department Research Assistant" title and working on several articles with Professor Ana Lamin.

Yasin Celik actively supports non-profit communities those which include; United Planet, member of Advisory Council; International Coastal Cleanup, as Web Consultant; Elephant Architecture Society, as Advisory Technology Consultant, on which he works with Yasemin Celik (Architect), from Firenze University. In 2010, he played for Boston International (Soccer) as the team captain. Aside from all, he is also active as a business consultant, SEO Guru (search engine optimization expert), freelance web developer and designer.

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Skills & Experience

Occupation Project Manager, Research Assistant, Business Consultant, SEO Expert, Web Developer, Student, Economist
Capabilities, Skills & Expertise Branding, Strategy Planning, Marketing & Advertising Planning , Management, Web Development, Data Analysis, Graphic Design, Search Engine Optimization, Organizational Structuring, Six Sigma (Green Belt)
Technical Google Apps® , SAP®, Microsoft® Project, Google Adwords® , Google Adsense® , Google Analytics® , MS-Office®, HTML (expert), CSS (expert), PhP (beginner), Ajax (beginner)
Sports & Outdoor Interests Snowboarding, Soccer, Diving, Camping, Hiking, Table Tennis, Swimming, Volleyball, Golf, Kite Surfing, Wake Board
Countries Visited Turkey, U.S.A., Philippines, Germany, England, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Canada, Vatican, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Poland

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Bachelor of Arts, Economics, 2004

Bogazici University

Masters of Management, Business, 2007

Cambridge College

Masters of Science, Project Management, 2011

Northeastern University



Best Interactive Paper
11th Annual International Business Research Forum


High Honors Society Award
Golden Key Int’. Honour Society


High Honor’s
by Cambridge College


Volunteer Service Award
by President of United States

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My Sites & Design
Improvement Office | Internet-Zero | Boston-Soccer | YagdaYumurta.com
Internet-Stop | Internet-100 | Boston Egitim | YasinCelik.info | Dj Beats 4 Sale

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NEU ADDRES Laboratory | Elephant Society | Scott Benton | Can Han Yapı
Arte Bello Textile | Sossa Line | Keith Dickerhofe | Izmir.com | Antalya.com
Turkish.com | Ankara.com

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Yasin Celik


Research E-mail: celik.y@neu.edu


Consulting E-mail * : red@improvementoffice.com

Consulting Web Phone * : +1.267.888.7070


Personal E-mail: yasin.ce@gmail.com

Personal Web Phone: +1.347.770.7607

Personal Mobile: +1.617.412.7949

* is the preferred one